Q1: Can I open an electronic textbook in the computer?
A1: No, you cannot. It's a waste of time scrolling from page to page anyway. Better prepare in advance cheat sheets or notes of your own.

Q2: How do I show the screen and my face if I have only one camera in my laptop?
A2: Cheap solution: use a large enough mirror. You may also use a additional mobile phone with camera to join the zoom meeting.

Q3: How many questions are there in this exam?
A3: There is no difference between knowing it now or in exam time.

Q4: Can I surf on the web, or dig up materials from my computer during the exam?
A4: No. All other activities on the computer are NOT allowed, except for working with the Canvas Quiz webpage, or zoom meeting.

Q5: For all the questions, do we only need to enter the final answer or need to provide steps?
A5: Students only need to click the choices in Canvas, since all questions are multiple choice questions.

Q6: For all slides provided in lectures, does it mean we need to print them all out so that we can use it in the exam?
A6: Yes. If you want to use PPT, you should print them. Electronic versions of books or notes are NOT allowed.

Q7: Is it OK for me to prepare my own hardcopy notes and books, and use them during the exam? Or we can only use notes and cheat sheet provide by the course?
A7: It is OK. Hard copies of any kind, any number, is fine. It's up to you. In theoretical, you can prepare hundreds/thousands/millions of pages hardcopy notes and books for the exam, but I think too much hardcopy materials are not going to be helpful.

Q8: If I would like to do some drafts during the exam, do I need to do this on papers? Or can I use the take note functions on my electronic devices (e.g. iPads or smartphone) during the exam?
A8: Students should NOT use any electronic device for draft work during the exam, as we have no way to verify what they do with it. Only paper and pen are allowed.